Engagement, transparency and benefit-sharing with local communities are critical pillars of Neoen’s operations.

Community Benefits

Up to 350 jobs are expected to be required by the peak of the construction phase. Construction will last for up to 18 months, creating significant and positive knock-on effect on local accommodation, hospitality, and service sectors.

The Solar Farm will also provide ongoing employment for a small, permanent local team dedicated to activities such as maintenance and vegetation and pest management.

If you have skills that may be useful during the design, construction or operation of the solar farm, please email us at with your contact details and a brief description of the services and skills you can provide.

Community Consultation

Neoen strives to ensure a “no surprises” dynamic with the communities around Culcairn, and ensure that a long-term relationship is built between the project team and all project stakeholders. Relationship-building is especially critical to Neoen because unlike some renewable developers, we retain ownership of all projects throughout their lifespan.

The objectives of Neoen’s community engagement strategy are:

  • To keep the community and stakeholders informed about the project through the provision of factual project information;
  • To identify and address community and stakeholder concerns and maintain transparency in the project design and implementation;
  • To identify opportunities for local business involvement in the implementation of the project; and
  • To provide feedback on how stakeholder and community input will influence the final project and decision.

Neoen considers community consultation to be essential at all stages of a project’s life cycle and invites all members of the community to click on the following link to complete a community feedback form or to send written feedback by email to .